Our market

Diversification means experience

For NEMOTEC, this is one of the strategic markets: we cooperate with various companies and multinational groups in the Pharma and Food sector (taking due consideration of course) for securing machines, plants and production departments.

We have carried out safety analysis for many European industrial projects of the ELI LILLY Group (USA) and support our clients in issuing correct purchase specifications by verifying their application in the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) and SAT (Site Acceptance Test) phases, with the preparation and management of various document protocols.

We have overseen the design safety and certification of production lines and plants, interfacing with the technical departments of manufacturing companies (including Korber Pharma, IMA, Optima, Bosh, ….) and the safety management of automated warehouses and company departments.

Pharma & Food 5

NEMOTEC has also applied to the industry what it has previously done in the field of industrial and collaborative robotics (following the principle of borrowing experiences from other markets) to support Clients in the application of automated solutions (Staubli, ABB, KUKA, IR, …) that are increasingly in demand and applied in the Pharma world.