Our market

Diversification means experience

LEONARDO (as of today the DEFENSE SYSTEMS division) has always been one of NEMOTEC‘s main customers, since as far back as 2005, as have various Defense Ministry entities, especially the ITALIAN MILITARY NAVY (MMI).

Just for LEONARDO, n el 2010 we obtained the valid group-wide qualification (from the then “Finmeccanica Group Service,” expressed by the document “group attestation of interest”) in the field of a nalysis of security and engineering Logistics (RAMT&S).

In the field, NEMOTEC also routinely deals with aspects of occupational safety and “operational” safety, following work on installation and maintenance of defense systems and equipment (both naval and land-based), Safety Procedures, Manuals and specific training to operational personnel.

In particular, since 2019, NEMOTEC has been permanently in charge of supporting LEONARDO’s RSPP (for the La Spezia and Livorno sites) in the occupational safety management of the activities carried out externally, complete with safety coordination, interface with Host Employers (Italian and Foreign Navies and Armies) and preparation of safety documentation (Safety Plans, safety operating procedures, support for updating DUVRI or similar documents).

NEMOTEC has also been tasked to follow CE certification issues of systems supporting defense activities (systems and equipment subject to “civilian” regulations) by defining with LEONARDO and MBDA design and validation processes not so easily derived from design experience alone in the military.