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Diversification means experience

Sector closely related to that of DEFENSE, particularly in developing collaborations with various entities of the Ministry of Defense, especially the ITALIAN MILITARY NAVY (MMI).

NEMOTEC, in the context of public tenders and participation in various ATIs (Associazion i Temporary Business Associations) has followed the coordination of safety in the modernization and major maintenance programs of various Naval Units, including Nave Vespucci, Nave Rimini, other u nities of port support of the Arsenal (pontoons, tugs, etc.).

Similar activities have been steadily underway since 2016 on behalf of HORIZON SISTEMI NAVALI on the entire FREEM class frigate program, supporting the safe management of work stoppages characterized by complex maintenance activities for both platform and combat system parts.

Since 2019 NEMOTEC has been a strategic partner of FINCANTIERI in the area of safety processes.
We have participated in the definition of the work safety standards currently used by FINCANTIERI itself in the development of the design and construction of the Naval Units – a process aimed at the issuance of the so-called RTVR (Technical Report of All Risks) document – until it is approved by the MMI’s relevant bodies.

From 2019 to the present NEMOTEC has produced RTVR documents/span> of the New Units of the so-called “Naval Law” – LSS Ships, LHD (in progress), PPA and the U212NFS class submarines/span>.